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How to Speak Lemonpiefirefly

So -
I needed a small kitchen appliance for a meal I was concocting. I have been gone for a few days and I noted that the item was no longer where it used to reside. G, who must have recently moved it, walked past and I motioned toward the area where it "always" was and said "I need that" (unable to come up with the proper name of the item quickly enough).
He slowed and gave me a quizzical look.
I continued with, "You know; the thing that normally sits there. The thing that makes bread darker."
He turned and pointed at it, chuckling at my anomia, saying, "what, that?". It was a couple feet away, in the breakfast nook, tossed askew on his kegerator thing.
"Ah, yes; the toaster*. Thanks."

Communication, bitches.

*either enough time for my brain to find the label, or seeing it jogged that pathway.
Yeah. If I ever start having "actual" memory issues, it will be bloody hard to recognize the fact until I am actively drooling in my oatmeal.

Great trip

Got back from a really good mini-vacation with my friends. Went to New Mexico where they were visiting relatives.

The first day, we got to hike an old settlement in the Bandalier National Monument and visit Los Alamos and the Bradbury Science Museum.  The hike was refreshing and there was *snow* even (this Southern gal doesn't see that much). Los Alamos was what Eureka the TV town would be in the real world. As a Sherlock Holmes fan, I found it amusing that they had an SUV with a cute campaign slogan for a lady named "Nan" Holmes, running for Board of Education ("Vote Holmes - it's elementary"). The museum chronicled the mission and continuing contributions of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, focusing on the initial nuclear weapons project on through to the applications and plans for the future. It wasn't the day for it, but I feel like I just scratched the surface and there was so much more to see and absorb there.

Day two, I *skiied*. Seriously. *Me*, Ms. Chickenshit Herself about that for the last 2 decades of my life when I could have otherwise gone and tried it. Now, this is the part where I start to break it down and analyze it as Not That Big a Deal in my mind, and focus on the things I didn't accomplish more than those I did, but while I am being honest with myself, I am kinda proud of this achievement. I have been quite scared to try it for a long time, including but not limited to the fears of injury, failure, and humiliation.

I am proud that I tried it, and I am proud that I stuck with it long enough to get down the little practice slope.

I frankly did a lot more ass-plants and awkward pushups off the mountain to get back on my feet than any real skiing, especially til my last handful of runs, but for my maiden voyage, it was a helluva thing. Props to the "crew"- Phil for some good tips and great choice of place to go (Sipapu Ski Resort)  and transport, M for much-needed and not-oft-lauded general support role, Charles for (bless him) giving me my very first 1 hour lesson, and jackwabbit for having patience with me, and giving me the goal, the chance, and the basic talking ups and talking downs that I needed while I was out there.
We capped the day by a nice dinner back in ABQ.

Alas, day three was cut short by an impending and menacing storm system that looked likely to strand us there had we stayed, but we started the day with a great homecooked breakfast. We went back by way of Roswell and went to the International UFO Museum, which was really quite interesting. It was a good use of $5, and I got to get some smashed penny souveniers (and their gift shop was fun). There was much singing of 80s tunes by myself and Mr. M to while away the many hours in the car afterward, while jackwabbit tried to get a little fitful snoozing done on the fairly featureless drive back.

Today was still a vacation day for me, and I was graciously accommodated in my wishes to stay on here at wabbit's homebase, and further have a stroll in the nice weather. Sonic slushes acquired, food eaten, and media watched, I am fighting going to bed and capping the trip by finally posting something here.

It was a great trip, worth remembering, and I wanted to get some snippets down before I get consumed by real life again tomorrow.

The support crew

Answer for question 4160.

Who was your first best friend? Are you still in contact with them? If not, what would you say to them if you could talk to them today?
Jamela. We lived on base and unironically and insignificantly sang "Ebony and Ivory" together for a school thing; it was a pop song with 2 parts that we knew. Haven't seen her since California, early 80's. I guess I'd say "hi".

Still alive

Up way too late...the bf is out of town as of a couple hours ago and I don't want to relinquish suddenly available but dwindling "me-time" to something as banal and pedestrian as "sleep".

Of late, I have had what many have- full workdays and a man to come home to.
Sounds good, and financially things are looking up due to some windfalls in shiftwork.
I like having someone to come home to, in general.

But there is always something to do. Even when there is *not* officially "something to do", I am expected to be doing the nothing that I am doing *with* the bf.

I know this is the way that it is. There is no changing it. We have been together now for 13 years and certain patterns are what they are.
If he is watching TV, he wants me there watching with him.
If he has to run to the store, *we* run to the store (or I put up with the hurt bf routine...his version of "wounded lamb".)

There are certainly worse problems to have, and in general, I like spending time with him, and more importantly and amazingly after all this time, I still *like* him.

Until the last few weeks, this has not been a huge problem, because there was some time, somewhere, that I wasn't working when he was, and vice versa. It still wasn't a ton, so by the time I got some house errands and other business shite done, there wasn't much time for computer time, so anything difficult to navigate from my iPhone just didn't get done.

Now comes a turning point, however. I am about to enter the Vast "Me-time Wasteland". I have, including Sundays, 6 days off in the entire month of June. 5 of those are shared by the bf. No time to recharge on fandom and get my errands etc done. July is not looking much better.

I may go a little batshit, guys.

Sorry to all my LJ friends; I have been down the Rabbit Hole and through the looking glass that is Twitter. That, and a bit more work last month had me fairly tied for time to pop over. Kept thinking I needed to carve out quite the space since I wanted to catch up on EVERYTHING.

Well, that is an unrealistic goal right now, so as Dr. Nick says, "HI, EVR'YBADDY!!!"

The Twitter issue is to the point that I keep thinking about how long this message is getting.

Perhaps that's a good thing??

I have lots of things to talk about that are in much more than 140 characters. Perhaps I will have a chance to post more soon.

I have not forgotten everyone!
At the moment, battling against Urge. To. Smash. New. Ungodly-huge. TV.


Best quote I've seen in awhile...

"Oh, there’s nothing like a pulsating jet of foul boiling anal fluid to say 'Howdy, neighbor!'" (w/ action shots!)

Found this rather an amusing collection of odd animal defense mechs.
Also, the Hagfish video reminded me of my WFSC dept lab-rat days ;)
(though most of the gels I dealt with were of the electrophoretic kind)

Shower songz iz fun!

It has been a looooooong time since I had the ol' boombox out. Poor child has been through hell. It was the first major purchase (I think it was $65) I ever made for myself With My Own Money, from My First Real Job (~1990), and it was also when I finally gave in to the CD fad (inasmuch as it had a CD player on top, along with 2 tapedecks). I didn't actually have my first CD until I started collecting Tori Amos stuff in '92-'93 (those damn limited edition UK maxi 5s and singles with their blasted exclusive B sides!)

Read my boombox nostalgia and see the ol' girl herself!Collapse )
*Snoopy dances about getting to belt out Live in the shower

Heaven HELP my neighbors when I'm in the mood for 'Troy' by Sinead O'Connor! (it gets a little loud ;) )

Terrible meme ;)

Okay, so paraka on my flist had an Evil Meme sent to her. So evil, I needed to play along!

The old Snog/Shag/Marry/Throw off a cliff scam from giggly school days. I never had subjects I could really relate to then (who *cared* about so-and-so from homeroom? I was drawing pictures and reading books about Linnaeus and Darwin and playing Gourd Wars in the dry creekbed behind my house. Boys? Whatever.)

paraka has supplied me with 4 names from fandoms to allocate accordingly.

So now that I have reached the maturity of a teenager, I bring you the results


Anyone else wanna play? Leave a comment saying so. If you're not wabbit, give me a quick run-down of your fandoms, even old ones, so I can get creative.




A man-crush, explained

Ah, the Fillion. Well, the younger Fillion.

Oh, anyway, Nathan, and a hilarious interview.
The Hair Actor has quite a great Hair Schtick in this short interview with an EW editor.


Castle starts tonight

...and the title character's book "Heat Wave" will be released next Tuesday.

How cool is that?