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Shower songz iz fun!

It has been a looooooong time since I had the ol' boombox out. Poor child has been through hell. It was the first major purchase (I think it was $65) I ever made for myself With My Own Money, from My First Real Job (~1990), and it was also when I finally gave in to the CD fad (inasmuch as it had a CD player on top, along with 2 tapedecks). I didn't actually have my first CD until I started collecting Tori Amos stuff in '92-'93 (those damn limited edition UK maxi 5s and singles with their blasted exclusive B sides!)

It's got some rust on the speaker screens, it's huge and blocky, has a manual tuner (imperative!), and it has a wonky speaker connection that needs to be re-soldered, again.
If you've ever bought cheap incense cones, they often come with a little metal disc you can set them on while they burn. Well, one of the speakers and has a blackened (make that rusted, these days) one of these that melted into the top (*NB hot metal can melt plastic. Who knew??)

The boombox in its natural element

It also has an old-school KNNC 107.7 "Psychobaby"sticker I've had since early college.
Went to a huge college with an overly-rural feel, so I would spend forever trying to tune in this alternative/ dance station from Austin.

Given its size, I have generally known its whereabouts, but I haven't really used it in a couple years.

Tonight, I dug the old thing out and IT STILL HAD THE *PROPER CD IN IT.

*PROPER CD, in this case, is Live "Four Songs". Proper in that it rocks. 
Why does it rock? 

a. It just rocks (Jammus intrinsicus)
b. It is eminently singable
c. It is the length of a (for me, quite LONG, 16:12!!) shower
d. That will bring us back to 'a.'
*Snoopy dances about getting to belt out Live in the shower

Heaven HELP my neighbors when I'm in the mood for 'Troy' by Sinead O'Connor! (it gets a little loud ;) )


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Nov. 3rd, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
Retro tech FTW.
Nov. 3rd, 2009 10:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah; on the one hand, it doesn't seem that backward, nor does "1990" sound that long ago. That said, A manual tuner, a tapedeck with tape-to-tape, double speed dub capability, and taping off CD? Not to mention some portions that are actually metal, and the ability to survive part of HS, all of college (including trips back and forth over every break, changing dorms, duplexes, apartments, etc) and all the moves since?
*Totally* FTW!
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