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February 1st, 2015

How to Speak Lemonpiefirefly

So -
I needed a small kitchen appliance for a meal I was concocting. I have been gone for a few days and I noted that the item was no longer where it used to reside. G, who must have recently moved it, walked past and I motioned toward the area where it "always" was and said "I need that" (unable to come up with the proper name of the item quickly enough).
He slowed and gave me a quizzical look.
I continued with, "You know; the thing that normally sits there. The thing that makes bread darker."
He turned and pointed at it, chuckling at my anomia, saying, "what, that?". It was a couple feet away, in the breakfast nook, tossed askew on his kegerator thing.
"Ah, yes; the toaster*. Thanks."

Communication, bitches.

*either enough time for my brain to find the label, or seeing it jogged that pathway.
Yeah. If I ever start having "actual" memory issues, it will be bloody hard to recognize the fact until I am actively drooling in my oatmeal.