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Criminals and savages

Okay...in a STUNNING failure of internet meme knowledge, I apparently just found out about this "YTMND" site today.
It goes thus: I am browsing FARK, I see YTMND in a response, wonder "Hm..what's that?" so I Urban Dictionaryify it, find out it's a phrase "you're the man now, dog" (shudders thinking of boss; wabbit will understand) and also a website.
The language describing the website is obscure; I don't get it.
So I type it in the browser.
I pick a "vid" in the sidebar.

It's this one....

Anyway...seemed really odd at first, and I'm not sure I can get into this format overall, but nice sound clips and WHOOOOOOOA, trippy.
For the Browncoats on the list...and anyone who loves the Captain's quote 'bout killin'.


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Jan. 1st, 2009 09:23 pm (UTC)
Tell me, where are the flashbacks they all warned us would come?

That is all.
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